Youth Groups and Uniforms at Clip ‘n Climb


Background to Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge

“Climbing Walls meet theme park in an exciting new leisure concept for all ages, four and upwards… Our stunning series of climbing-based activities provide healthy, challenging fun for all the family.”

Clip ‘n Climb originated in New Zealand and the worldwide master license is held by Entre-Prises, the world’s largest climbing wall manufacturer.

Individual Clip ‘n Climb sites purchase a license which provides the climbing equipment and operational, maintenance and marketing support from Entre-Prises’ UK head office, as well as an exclusive territory. Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge is owned and operated by Walthew Leisure Ltd which is headed by Chris Walthew. Chris has also run a marketing company in Cambridge for 12 years, which is now headed up by his wife, Beth.

Briefing pre-climb
The owners’ daughter had an amazing time at Clip ‘n Climb Exeter – inspiring the creation of CNC Cambridge

The inspiration for setting up a Clip ‘n Climb in Cambridge came from Chris seeing his then 5 year old daughter climb at the Clip ‘n Climb centre in Exeter. The ethos of Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge is to provide a healthy, challenging and challenging environment for all ages and abilities, that is a positive addition to the community of Cambridge and the surrounding areas.



Information about your group’s Clip ‘n Climb session

Clip ‘n Climb is taking Cambridge by storm and is the perfect venue for your next group social activity.

Here’s why…

  • Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge has 24 climbing challenges. 22 of these are climbing walls which vary in levels of difficulty and cater for all abilities and levels of confidence.
  • Experienced climbers will be challenged by our harder walls, such as the beanstalk like ‘Triffid’.
  • For less experienced or nervous group members, we have walls that are easier to try at the start, such as the simple shapes and holds of ‘Amazing’. Climbers can go as high as they feel comfortable with. Over the course of the session, their levels of confidence greatly improve.
  • Indoor climbing has never been easier or safer. The ‘clip’ part of Clip ‘n Climb refers to climbers being clipped into a safety rope system, called an automatic belay device. These take in the slack as you climb and then lower you gently to the ground.
  • Climbers get a huge sense of satisfaction for conquering fears and completing challenges.
  • All our walls have point scoring challenges and several allow you to race head to head against each other. Our Speed Wall also allows you to time your climb to the top.
  • A session at Clip ‘n Climb is great exercise, huge fun and will put a huge smile on the faces of your group, living long in the memory.

img_6382The Extreme Challenges

Make the Clip ‘n Climb experience complete by tackling our two Extreme Challenges. Climb hands free up the Stairway to Heaven and dare to drop from the top of the Vertical Drop Slide.

How long do sessions last?

Sessions last for 90 minutes. You begin with a 30 minute safety briefing, followed by 1 hour of climbing.

Booking options

Your group can join a public session or you can hire Clip ‘n Climb exclusively for your session, allowing you to bring up to 30 climbers and unlimited use of the Extreme Challenges.


0ab5b681-5e16-44b9-8e73-c64690915b14Discounted costs during the week in term time

Exclusive hire

Our standard price for exclusive hire is £399 but for charities and not for profit youth groups, we offer a discounted rate of £299 during school term times.

Smaller groups

If you have a smaller group, we offer a discounted rate of £12.50 per person, regardless of age, and include a free go on both our Extreme Challenges which are a real highlight of any group visit.


Times of sessions

During the week in term time, sessions run starting on the hour from 3pm with the last session starting at 7pm.

Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Quality Badge

Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge has been awarded the LOtC Quality Badge. This is the nationally recognised indicator of good quality educational provision. In order to be awarded this badge, we have had our risk assessment processes and management of risk assessed and deemed to be of a high quality.


Contact details

If you require further information or would like to book your session, please contact us by email or calling 01223 941700.


Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge – Our 1st year highlights

We have just celebrated our first anniversary of opening and so I thought it was a good opportunity to write a short review of our first year, which I hope you’ll find a good read.  

By coincidence, I’m writing this two years to the day from first coming across Clip ‘n Climb when I took my then 5 year old daughter, Kate, to the Clip ‘n Climb in my home city of Exeter. Seeing how much she got from her experience there, really inspired me to look into setting up one for Cambridge. That only seems like yesterday so I can hardly believe, we’re a year into opening Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge. What I also can’t believe is that Kate is almost twice the height and our youngest who was 1 and being carried by my wife in Exeter, is now 3 and our test pilot for pre-school climbing!  

We have welcomed over 50,000 climbers in our first year. Our centre motto is ‘be proud of what you can achieve’ and the biggest highlight for me is seeing the diverse range of people who are able to participate and feel proud about themselves. This is helped by climbing itself being a wonderful sport for inclusion, because it’s about challenging yourself and achievement on your own terms, no matter how high, fast or stylishly you actual go about it. Secondly, the unique thing about Clip ‘n Climb, is that the walls cater for a very wide range of abilities and confidence levels, and they look so inviting that it even makes 7 year olds want to put down their iPad and have a go (the last bit is my personal experience but I’m sure lots of you can relate to that!). 

We’ve received a huge number of heart-warming testimonials, but this one is my favourite:  

“I would just like to extend my thanks to you and your team today for making our family outing such a happy one. One member of your staff in particular (Eleni) took great care to ensure that my middle child who has severe autism, was well looked after during our visit. She spent a lot of time helping him on the ladder, which he loved. Outings can be quite challenging for us as a family but Eleni and the rest of the Clip and Climb team made it very easy for us today.”   

Clip n Climb now support Little Miracles, a fantastic local charity that support those on the autistic spectrum and their families. As a side note, the Little Miracles crew are coming over next Saturday 2nd September to climb together the height of Snowdonia to raise money for the charity – click here to get in contact with them to find out more 

This year we’ve made 1,000 free of charge climbing spaces available for Little Miracles and other good causes. We are also very keen to accommodate even more groups with additional needs, so if you are involved with such a group, please get in touch with me. If you or your group are keen to climb, we will do our utmost to make that happen.  

While the vast majority of comments we get are very positive, we haven’t always got it right, so the occasions where we have received negative feedback, while tough to read, have been fantastically useful. I haven’t come across a single customer complaint that I’ve thought wasn’t justified when I looked into it so it’s helped us know where improvements are needed. Many of these have been put in place, or they’re part of a bigger project that we’re working on. We’ll be looking to do a customer survey in the future, but if you have any feedback or ideas now, please email me with your comments.   

If you’ve been visiting us since we opened, you’ll have noticed how the non-climbing parts are coming together. In the last few months, improvements have included air conditioning, new flooring downstairs, new café layout and furniture, pictures going up and the team have even been let loose with the paint brushes around the centre.  

My decorating highlight is having graffiti artist Julian Johnson, aka ‘ArtJaz’, work his magic around the centre. It was a privilege seeing these works of art come together and he was very generous in showing me how to use a spray can so some of the work is mine. He did insist I had to sign my name on my pieces so people wouldn’t think they were his!    

With the new academic year looming, we will be launching over the coming weeks some exciting additions to the centre; pre-school climbing is ready to go; our new Base Camp Café is under the stewardship of our new café manager, Ian, who started this week; we are adding an 8-11 group for our after school club, Rock Stars; the last bits of our fit out including upgrading our toilets and putting the final pieces of decoration up.  

For me personally, owning Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge has been incredibly rewarding and I’ve learnt a huge number of new things over the last year. I’ve been inspired to get back to doing something creative and start painting which isn’t something I’d done for over 20 years (the paintings on the mezzanine are my fault I’m afraid!). Finally, I’ve been able to get away with wearing an assortment of brightly coloured trainers every day including neon pink and LED light up ones!  

The good things we’ve achieved are due a great deal to the help and support from my wife and business partner Beth, family and friends, and my other business, Prospect Research, our suppliers and local business contacts, many of whom we have known and worked with for over 10 years, so I thank you all for this.  

My biggest message of thanks goes out to the staff at Clip ‘n Climb. As well as seeing customers enjoying the centre, my next main highlight is seeing the team look after our customers with care and courtesy and personally develop through their time working with us.  

Thanks for reading and look forward to welcoming you back at Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge very soon.   

Best wishes, 

Chris Walthew, Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge owner – August 2017

Get in touch:
01223 941700

November and December at Clip ‘n Climb

Brrr! It’s getting pretty cold out there.ice-climbers-1247610_1920

So why not turn up the heat and face-off against the most unique and challenging climbing walls in the area! It’s a great way to keep fit, get the kids to be more active, and stay warm this winter!

It’s been an amazing few months since we first opened at the top of August, and we’ve hosted thousands of you as you’ve tackled our walls, luxuriated with our barista coffees, and inspired your friends and family to keep healthy, the climbing way!

We’ve taken on your feedback over the last couple of months, and are proud to be able to announce a new set of special sessions that are sure to help you spend more time with us. Read on for more info:

Our opening times are changing…the-eleventh-hour-758723_1920

New times effective from 7th November:

Mondays – CLOSED
Tuesday to Friday – 15:00 – 20:30 [Last session arriving for 19:00]

Saturday and Sunday – 09:30 – 20:00 [Last session arriving for 18:30]

Although we’re going to be closing on Mondays, we have added a brand new session at 18:30 on Sundays – so you can end your weekend on a high note!

Brand new sessions are coming to Clip ‘n Climb!

Adults Evening – Tuesdays from 17:00
Reinvigorate yourself for the rest of the week ahead with discounted climbing for hard-working grown-ups like you! Save £5 on your booking with the special rate of £12.50 per adult.

hexed-2014Family Night – Wednesdays from 17:00
Get the whole family together for an unforgettable experience while avoiding the weekend crowds! Book a session on Wednesdays from 17:00, and enjoy reduced rates for students and adults – with admission costing only £12.50 per person regardless of age.

Student Night – Thursdays from 15:00
Get yourself in tip-top shape for a cracking weekend by overcoming some of the tallest challenges in Cambridge! Whether you’re in it for fitness, energy levels, or because you heard someone say you couldn’t do it – come and conquer Clip ‘n Climb! All students can enjoy £5 off their ticket on Thursdays (Normally £15) – Please bring an in-date student card with you.

Keep in the loop!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information about Cambridge’s newest climbing experience!

Family Night at Clip ‘n Climb

People bond through adversity, and families grow stronger by overcoming challenges together…family-3pane

That inspirational soundbite is brought to you by Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge and, as dramatic as it sounds – it’s true, isn’t it?

For fun, fitness, and a real sense of accomplishment – bring the whole clan to Clip ‘n Climb on Wednesdays from 5 and save on your ticket. With every member of the family only paying £12.50 per person – here’s a challenge that’s easy to embark on, but tricky to complete!

But, you’ll reach the top if you work together!

Click here to start your journey…

Adult Nights at Clip ‘n Climb

realroc.jpgRelease your inner adventurer and conquer the heights of Clip ‘n Climb!

Get fit, have fun, and team up with your climbing comrades to overcome the tallest challenges in all of our fair city.

Join us anytime from 17:00 every Tuesday and save a fiver on your ticket! You never know, that fiver you save could be worth a fortune!

With prices starting at just £12.50 per person, what’s holding you back from reaching the top?

Click here to start your journey…

Student Thursdays at Clip ‘n Climb

Jungle Vines_female student.jpgForget about worldly worries and focus your mind on something that really matters – overcoming life’s obstacles.

And boy do we have some obstacles for you! With loads of unique climbing challenges, Clip ‘n Climb is the perfect place to relax, work out, and refresh your mind ready for the weekend ahead!

Bring your friends, and see how high you can go! Whether you’re coming to smash your targets, have bags of fun, or stay fit and healthy – there’s something for everyone here at Clip ‘n Climb.

Grab your ticket today for only £10!

Also we make pizzas here. Not just put them in the oven – make them – would you like one? Or seven?

Book online now


Clip ‘n Climb launch day – 6th August 2016

ClipnClimbStairwaytoHeaven_low resIt’s nearly here – our official launch day on Saturday 6th August 2016.  So what can you expect if you come to the centre that day?

Official ribbon cutting ceremony @ 3pm

We’ve got to do this opening lark properly!  Ribbon will be cut! Great cheers will go up!  Come and join us at 3pm when we mark the official opening of the centre.

Speed wall competitions

Who will be the fastest up our Speed Wall during the day?  Our climbing team will be on hand to record your time.  Age categories will be 4-6yrs, 7-11yrs, 12-16yrs and 17+yrs.  Winners in each category will receive a free climb at the centre during the 2016 Summer Holidays, and a snazzy new Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge T-shirt.

Can you conquer the Stairway to Heaven?

Get to the top of the Stairway to Heaven, and your name will be put into a free draw for two free climb at the centre during the 2016 Summer Holidays.


All climbers on the launch day will receive a goody bag full of Clip ‘n Climb freebies.

Come and enjoy our new café, Climb ‘n Dine

The launch day will be the first day that the café will be open, so join us for a pizza, cake, coffee or slush!

Book your place!

The launch day is likely to be very busy, so remember to book your place in advance at www.clipnclimbcambridge.co.uk.  There are sessions starting every 30 minutes from 9.30am until 6.30pm.

The team and I are looking forward to welcoming you.


Owner, Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge