Adult Discount Sessions at Clip ‘n Climb


Release your inner adventurer and conquer the heights of Clip ‘n Climb!

Where climbing centre meets theme park: experience 20 unique climbing challenges that twist, turn, and excite! Clip ‘n Climb is taking Cambridge by storm and is a brilliant activity to do with friends. It also makes for a great date night for you and your other half (or someone you want to be your other half!).

Here’s why…

Our challenges cater for all abilities and levels of confidence. The more experienced and confident will be challenged by our harder climbs, and those who are a little more unsure can start off the easier walls.

Challenge your mates! All our walls have point scoring challenges and several allow you to race head to head. Our Speed Wall also allows you to time your climb to the top.

Indoor climbing has never been easier or safer. Our automatic belay devices take in the slack as you climb and then lower you gently to the ground.

A session at Clip ‘n Climb is great exercise, huge fun and will put a big smile on your face, living long in the memory.

The Extreme Challenges

Make the Clip ‘n Climb experience complete by tackling our two Extreme Challenges. Climb hands-free up the Stairway to Heaven and dare to drop from the top of the Vertical Drop Slide!

Sessions and recommended times

Sessions last for 90 minutes. [Starting with] You begin with a 30 minute safety briefing, followed by 1 hour of climbing. Our public sessions are open to all ages, but we recommend our evening sessions for adult only groups.


Enjoy the Climb ‘n Dine Café!

Eat with us after your climb at our [the?] Climb ‘n Dine café, where you can order delicious food including freshly made, stone-baked pizzas.


Adult discount sessions

Adults can save £5 on the price of their ticket every Wednesday on our 5pm, 6pm and 7pm sessions.

Book now!

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