Rock Stars Climbing Club

Join the Rock Stars Climbing Clu0ab5b681-5e16-44b9-8e73-c64690915b14b at Climb ‘n Climb Cambridge (Ages 4-11)

This Summer Term, be part of Rock Stars, Cambridge’s amazing after school climbing club. The club is for children 4-11 years of all abilities and confidence levels. Based on the programme run in New Zealand, at the home of Clip ‘n Climb, we have put our own Cambridge spin to what we believe will make for an exciting term of climbing activities.

What you get from Rock Stars

  • Confidence building
  • The opportunity to make new friends
  • Taking part in a fun and healthy activity
  • Achievement and working towards awards
  • Being part of a club
  • Structured sessions with varied activities
  • An opportunity for parents to socialise and have a break


Rock Stars Awards

This term we are introducing the Rock Stars Awards that you can work towards, which will be recorded in your own Rock Stars folder. You can work towards Bronze, Silver, Gold, Pro, Pro Ninja and Elite Ninja.


Session format

  1. Harnessing, safety briefing/recap and warm up
  2. Time working on their awards which will be verified by the instructors
  3. Team games including point scoring challenges
  4. Free climb and warm down
  5. Debrief and de-harnessing


Club benefits

  • On your Rock Stars night, we would like to offer you a 20% discount on food, drink and merchandise
  • Special T-shirt price – Choose one of our two t-shirt designs which you can wear at the club for £8


Course times and dates

  • First half term – 5 weeks from Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th April, with last week being Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd May.
  • Monday 1st May note – We will hold Monday’s session on Wednesday 3rd May but it is optional to pay for this in case you are not available on this day.
  • Second half term – 7 weeks from Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th June, with the last week being Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th July


£120, payable in two instalments of £60 on the 1st session of each half term.


Reserve your place now

Spaces on in the club are limited to 20 per session, so book now to reserve your place and avoid disappointment.