For Education


With facilities that can inspire, train and challenge up to thirty pupils at a time – Clip ‘n Climb is a great way to complement your PE curriculum and encourage physical activity and fitness.

We’re actively looking to work with schools and the education sector in Cambridge as we believe we have something really special to offer.

Clip ‘n Climb can support your term time activities in a number of ways:

  • Your physical education curriculum
  • Other subjects on the curriculum using climbing as a learning tool
  • An after school club activity
  • A school trip venue


Why Clip ‘n Climb works so well for schools

Our challenges cater for all abilities and levels of confidence.


Experienced climbers will be challenged by our harder walls!

For less experienced or nervous climbers, we have walls that are easier to try at the start and climbers can go as high as they feel comfortable with. Over the course of the session, their levels of confidence greatly improve.

Our attentive climbing team are on hand to guide climbers during your session

Indoor climbing has never been easier or safer. Our automatic belay devices take in the slack as you climb and then lower you gently to the ground

Climbers get a huge sense of satisfaction for conquering fears and completing challenges.

All our walls have point scoring challenges and several allow you to race head to head against class mates. Our Speed Wall also allows you to time your climb to the top.

A session at Clip ‘n Climb is great exercise, huge fun and lives long in the memory.

Talk to us now about how your students can benefit from a visit to Clip ‘n Climb!

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